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This device was demonstrated at TED and posted in summer 2010, by Tan Le, President of Emotiv, the company which makes this device.

Emotiv is not the first company to market with a consumer EEG. In fact, Lucasfilm licensed a toy recently called the “Force Trainer,” with many similarities to Emotiv’s product. It’s unclear if that device is nearly sensitive enough to do what Emotiv’s more sophisticated device can do, but we wonder if an enterprising hacker couldn’t cut the price by a third.

The Emotiv device is $300, and can obviously do a lot more. It’s much closer to things that have been used in research on this topic. One of the more exciting ideas here is that this device could bring down the costs of doing neuroscience research.

The potential for changing user interface is also quite incredible. Really, there are a lot of cool things a person could do with this. Hopefully devices like the Force Trainer and Emotiv’s headset will lead to a crash in EEG element prices and yield even more amazing brainwave-responsive technologies.


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